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The Aniseed herb is also known as the Anise which belongs to the Apiaceae family of the flowering plants, originating from the Mediterranean region of the Southwest Asian.

The maximum height of this herbaceous plant is about 1m and the leaves of the plant at the base are categorized as simple and about 2-5cm in length with a shallow lobe extending outwards. The leaves towards the upper side of the plant are feathery and are divided into leaflets. The flowers of this herb are about 3mm in diameter only and white in color. The fruits are oblong and about 3-5 mm long.


Due to its sweet and aromatic characteristics these herbs are used in the making of liquor and other drinks. The oil of the Aniseed is widely used to make certain special Italian cookies called the pizzlles. This herb is also used as a digestive supplement after meals in the land of India. In the southern region of Asia especially Thailand, Aniseed is very commonly used as a flavored tea ingredient.

Aniseed is one of the very important herbs for the medical uses. The leaves of Aniseed are used to treat many problems related to the digestion and also for toothache relief. The Aniseed oils are used for the treatment of lice and scabies. Some other uses include as a mouth freshener and in aromatherapy techniques. It is also useful as an immediate treatment to the scorpion sting.

Aniseed is used for the hunting and fishing purposes because of its characteristic of being aromatic. It is known to smell similar to the liquorices and is used in the fishing lures so as to attract the fish.


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